Southeast Saskatchewan History Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through time as you explore the rich history of Estevan, Bienfait, and their surrounding areas on this immersive history tour. This trip is designed to captivate history buffs and introduce them to the fascinating stories and landmarks that have shaped the region over the years.

Begin your tour at the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum (EAGM), a museum that “offers the interpretation of ideas and perspectives concentrating on the history of the Northwest Mounted Police, First Nations and Métis people of southeastern Saskatchewan.” This contemporary art gallery and museum provide a unique blend of culture and history, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the area’s past.

If you find yourself in Bienfait, be sure to take in the Bienfait Coalfields Historical Society Museum, which showcases the region’s coal mining history from 1895 to the present. Explore the exhibits featuring working models of draglines, coal mining instruments, and vintage train cars, including the steam locomotive proudly displayed at the north end of Main Street.

The South East Tours & Trails guided tours provide an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into the region’s historical narrative. Visit sites linked to the Boundary Commission, North West Mounted Police, Indigenous peoples, coal mining, historic cemeteries, and ancient petroglyphs. These tours cater to both individuals and groups and provide a captivating and informative experience.

For a more leisurely exploration of history, take a stroll through the Estevan Historical Walking Tour. Meander through the streets of Estevan and unearth the extraordinary stories and landmarks that have shaped the city over time.

Finally, visit the Souris Valley Theatre at Frehlick Hall in Woodlawn Regional Park. This non-profit professional live theatre has a rich history and provides entertainment through main stage performances, concerts, fringe shows, and children’s theatre.

This history tour of Estevan, Bienfait, and their surrounding areas is sure to inspire and enlight

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