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  • Tour, Culinrary Tour

    “Appetizing Estevan” Culinary Tour


    FAQ’s via the City of Estevan: Who can go on the Culinary Tour? Anyone 19 years of age and older...

  • Tour, Audio Tour, Walking Tour

    Historial Walking Tour


    Walk the streets of Estevan where its’ fascinating history tells extraordinary stories! On this audio tour walk the streets of...

  • Tour, Guided Tour, Historic Tour

    South East Tours & Trails


    Guided tours of the historical and natural attractions of the southeast corner of Saskatchewan are offered through South East Tours...

  • Tour, Audio Tour, Walking Tour

    The Backroads of Estevan Tour


    The Backroads of Estevan Tour is​ designed to inspire Estevan residents and visitors as another option to safely explore the...

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