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📷 City of Esteavan

Historial Walking Tour


Walk the streets of Estevan where its’ fascinating history tells extraordinary stories! On this audio tour walk the streets of the first buildings built in the city and listen to stories of who built them, learn where the first school was built and immerse yourself in the coal miners’ strike.

Key info from the City of Estevan:


App Store (iPhones)

Google Play (Android)

Web Version


3rd Street 12th Avenue


Go anytime you want!


Tour should take about 1 hour to complete!


Call (306) 634-1892
email [email protected]


The audio won’t start

Depending on what device you are using, you may have to manually press play on the audio. * make sure enable location services is turned on!

Are there any charges to download the App?

Not one penny! For the ultimate tour experience, we suggest you download the app. Audio will guide you along once you reach certain points.

How far is the walking tour? What should I wear?

The whole route of the tour is 2.75km! Wearing a good pair of walking shoes is key! Dress comfortably!

Will I need WiFi or Cellular Data?

If you download the app and tour prior to venturing out you won’t need to use cellular data. If you choose to use the web-based tour then yes, cellular data will be used.

Do I have to pay a fee?

Nope, everything is FREE! Stop at some of the locations and listen to the history and admire the senary.

I downloaded the App now what?

Under the Canada Section look for Historical Walking Tour.

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